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25 Sep 2014 11:37 pm

FE on Patreon?

I've noticed several people setting up automatic donation payments on Paypal to obtain the monthly wallpapers -and you guys are awesome for that! It's got me thinking about setting up a Patreon account, to help fund more FE ideas I've been wanting to try out. If you're not sure what Patreon is, here's a brief video explaining it:

Some of the Patreon rewards I've been considering includes creating exclusive avatars/icons, doing a monthly comic interview of FE characters, where donators can submit questions and even appear in the comic to ask their questions 'in person,' reserving a free copy of all future printed works, and creating a 'Wall of Awesome' section of the FE website where donators can be forever honored in name or sketched portrait.

What are your thoughts on Patreon? Is there a reward you'd be interested in seeing offered? Do you have experience donating to other Patreon campaigns?

07 Jun 2014 04:32 am

Happy New June, Everyone!

Traditionally, New Year's is when you're supposed to think about how far you've come and what you want to accomplish in the coming year. But for me, this thought process happens in June. This is because my birthday occurs in June, and something about getting a year older gets me antsy to work on projects that sitting on the backburner. Between these feelings and wanting to dive back into making art after moving, this June is officially the Month of Doing Stuff I've Wanted to Do For Awhile Now!

As that title suggests, this month I'm finishing projects that have been on the backburner for too long. Keep your eyes open for details of the promised Badge Event, and I will finally be making the first set of Boop Buttons! ( Don't know what buttons I'm talking about? The original idea sketches can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11844399/ )

Concerning comics, my goal is jumpstart progress on the side story Ice Queen, by having all 50+ pages pencilled by the end of the month. For those who've been waiting far too long for this story, you can read about its' progress and get sneak peaks at the artwork on the FE forums: http://furryexperience.forumotion.com/t373-ice-queen-blog

As always, thanks to you all for supporting FE and being awesome in general!

18 May 2014 11:20 pm

And now back to our scheduled story arc...

We're finally in Texas, and we have Internet! (Sorta. Gotta find where I packed all the black wires...) And in the meantime, pages 11 and 12 were posted onto the FE website. Hope everyone enjoyed reading The Golden Window Panes, We'll be back to Cat's manga troubles tomorrow night. ~

01 May 2014 10:41 pm

New Donation Wallpaper!

Since most of this month is featuring artwork made with traditional means, this month's wallpaper features some never-before seen traditional artwork of Brian and Dawn!

Each month, you can get a brand-new, official FE wallpaper simply by donating $1 or more. Once the transaction is finished, simply click the prompt to return to the website. You'll be transferred to the page where you can download a folder with the wallpaper in a variety of sizes.

Donations can be made and an example of the full image can be seen on the button above. If there's characters or wallpaper sizes you'd like to see featured in the future, don't be afraid to request them!

21 Apr 2014 01:06 am

Who is this Mouse?

Moving in approx. a month, and still have a lot to do! The bad news is I don't have much time to draw FE pages for the next few weeks. The good news, this website will still be updating-and updating more often than normal!

For the next few weeks, the website will update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - featuring pages from the Golden Window Panes, a short story comic drawn during last year's October Game.

03 Apr 2014 11:20 pm

Why the strange schedule?

You may have noticed hiccups in the FE comic's updating schedule lately. I've been curious about this, as well. So I donned my cape, grabbed a trusty apple sidekick, and went searching for clues. Our search over the past couple months uncovered boxes being assembled, wall hangings being taken down, and a list of potential apartments and homes. Turns out I'm moving again.

As the end of our lease gets closer and more of a reality, comic updates may get a little strange-but I still want to try maining regular updates. Some projects are currently on hold, (Remember the badge event?) but others I'm trying to keep up progress on-such as the Ice Queen comic. (Updates can be read on the forum: http://furryexperience.forumotion.com/t373-ice-queen-blog )

Hopefully things won't go too awry during this move, but thanks in advance for your patience if they do.

07 Dec 2013 01:38 am

Request Livestream this Weekend!

On December 14th, 12pm - 3pm, I'll be promoting my Perky Goth comic at Mr. K's Bookstore by handing out free sketches! To practice, I'll be hosting a Request Livestream this Sunday at 4pm (Eastern Time) at this link: http://www.livestream.com/ellennatalie

The stream will last for at least a few hours. If you wish to participate it will be hosted the same way as last time: do NOT post your request in the comments or send me notes-such requests will be ignored. Instead, have a link with an image of your character ready to present in the livestream chat. To avoid spamming in the chat, post your link only ONCE in the chat unless asked otherwise. After each sketch, new links that have been posted (if there are any) will be added to those already collected, and the character to sketch will be chosen by singing lottery. I apologize in advance for this, but it seemed to be the only fair way.

Participants can have more than one request, but to ensure everyone has a fair chance of getting a sketch only one request can be submitted to the lottery at a time. Only after your request has won a lottery may you submit a new link for the next lottery.

As it’s been stated earlier, when selecting an image to present for the lottery keep in mind this stream is practice for creating quick, black and white sketches in a family-friendly store. Images that are provocative or fetish-related won’t be accepted. Trademarked characters and non-fur characters will be accepted. After the stream, all the sketches will be uploaded so you can download a digital copy of your favorites.

I’m testing the equipment/setup to make sure everything runs smoothly, so I apologize if anyone catches weird camera angles. See you guys Sunday!

04 Dec 2013 05:30 pm

So Much Cool Stuff is Happening!

Before getting into the great stuff planned for this month, I wanted to thank all you guys concerning the last FE arc! It's always nerve-wracking to post comics with potential flame war topics like religion, but not once here or on any other of FE's social media accounts did I see people arguing or being negative to each other. Once again, you've proven how amazing the FE fans are~way to be awesome!

On to announcements-the December Donation Wallpaper has been posted, and can be purchased above this announcement on the main FE website. For those who aren't aware, each month you can get an official FE wallpaper by donating $1 or more. Once the transaction is finished, simply click the prompt to return to the website. You'll be transferred to the page where you can download a folder with the wallpaper in a variety of sizes. The current wallpaper features Dawn and Brian trimming a tree, the way only they could. ;) If there's characters or sizes you'd like to see featured in future wallpaper collections, don't be afraid to request them!

Another big change to be excited about-I finally, FINALLY was able to purchase a personal laminator! This means commissions will be opening up again later this month, kicking off with a first-time-ever badge special! Keep following news updates for more details.

And the biggest event planned for this month, I'll be giving away free sketches at Mr. K's bookstore in the Johnson City location on the 14th, between 12pm-3pm. More details will be posted next week, but we all know how busy this season gets-so mark your calanders now! If you're not able be in Johnson City on that date, I'm also doing a livestream of requests this weekend for practice. I'll be posting the time and details tomorrow, so start finding your reference pictures!

TL;DR: December Donation Wallpaper is up, commissions are coming back, Livestream this weekend, Free sketches at Johnson City's Mr. K's on the 14th, and you are amazingly awesome.

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