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The Plot

Three roommates attending college in Utah Valley.
Between their different backgrounds, beliefs, and friends,
there's sure to be lots of comedy and drama
before anyone earns a diploma.

The Cast

Catherine (Cat)

Born and raised as a member of the Latter Day Saints church (aka LDS or Mormon), Cat is excited to be living on her own for the first time. But there are frightening challenges that come with her new freedom - like boys. And dishes.

Rhonda (Ronnie)

Moved to Utah from California at age fifteen, Ronnie does not associate with any official religion. Past experiences have made Ronnie fully confident in her idea of being an "outsider," and does her best to avoid anything Mormon-related. However, that's hard to do when all your friends have important ties to it.


Though not an official member of the LDS faith, Dawn still enjoys participating in the church services and activities. Having a gentle, motherly attitude makes Dawn unable to resist helping her friends find peace and happiness, no matter how frustrating the situation. But finding that in her own life is a little more difficult.

Friends and Foes
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