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In summer of 2012 I found I would be going out of town for a couple weeks in August and wouldn't have time to build up buffer pages in the meantime. So instead of not updating the website for two weeks, several FE fans stepped up and took the spotlight. For two weeks their fan comics were featured on the front page, enjoyed by everyone. This Side Story is posted to immortalize their contributions, and prove this comic has awesome fans!
The pages are featured here are copyrighted by their respective owners as of 2012, and are posted here with their permission. Any copying and reposting of them (or other forms of reproduction) without their permission is prohibited. Instead, check out their links for some more great artwork~

Enjoy the comics!

The following strips are created by Paul R. Zook, creator of the webcomic Critters Online! Last year, Paul approached me with the proposal to do crossover comics between FE and Critters. Paul had been a great supporter of FE as the comic was starting out, and the project sounded fun-so we did it! But while I posted my crossover comic featuring the Critter Cast, (on Filler Page 21 Paul went above and beyond on his side of the crossover-writing an entire story arc involving the FE girls, particularly Ronnie. Below are the first ten strips of this crossover, but the arc is still ongoing at Paul's website~

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this event-whether you did the drawing or reading, you helped make this possible!