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Moving Detour: Mom's Best Friend Page 5

August 18th, 2017, 5:54 pm

 When it was finally time to start writing the script, I knew would be asked to do revisions. However, I didn't realize I would be asked to do so many revisions. The scripted ended up being rewritten even more times than the summary. Excited as I was for this opportunity, it was disheartening. Every time my editor sent back feedback of what to change and I I took it seriously. I rewrote a scene based on her suggestions. I would send the new scene to her, only to get more feedback and suggestions. It was like trying to solve an unsolvable puzzle - what did this woman want? What would it take to satisfy her expectations? 

But she just wanted me to produce the best script I possibly could. Push myself farther than I'd ever had before. And she had the wisdom to know for a first time writer, a series of small pushes to improve would be more effective than a daunting laundry list of what to work on. I was really upset when she became a casualty in Tokyopop's early mass staff dismissals. Another editor would step in after she was gone, and his main goal was getting the project completed as soon as possible. To his credit, he made that happen - working a lot with Jemma on the artistic side and got the comic finished in time for the Shining Stars program to start. But I found myself missing those small pushes. 

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